online Physiotherapy

In addition to making our kinesiology/active rehab sessions virtual, we are now offering online physiotherapy.

Experience professional physiotherapy at home and receive the same great service.

Our physiotherapist, Helen Wu, will teach you the exercises you need to help your recovery journey remotely over Zoom.

What is online Physiotherapy?

We typically describe virtual physiotherapy as telehealth or telerehabilitation. Whatever you want to call it, the result is the same: you will be able to recover from your injuries if for any reason you’re not able to leave your home. Perhaps you were in a car accident recently and can’t drive right now.

Whatever the reason for staying at home may be, we’re here to help you stay on course with your physio treatment!

Just like our in-person services, virtual physiotherapy fees are covered 100% by ICBC. There are no hidden user fees attached, and we can bill ICBC for you directly.



Frequently Asked Questions

Our rehab professionals are physiotherapists and kinesiologists. They are dedicated to providing you the best care and experience throughout your rehabilitation.

What is virtual physiotherapy or telehealth?

Virtual physiotherapy (telehealth) is where your physiotherapist instructs you to perform a series of exercises in your home in order to help you with your fitness or rehabilitation goals.

Each session will take place on Zoom, which you can access from your phone, tablet, or computer.

What exercise equipment do I need to participate in virtual physiotherapy treatment?

Although you do not need specific exercise equipment in order to participate in virtual sessions, it is helpful if you have a mat or elastic exercise band.

We can mail you an elastic exercise band if you don’t have it already. Let us know when you contact us.

What kind of computer or cell phone do you need to participate in online physio?

You can use a desktop computer, laptop, or any mobile device to access our online service. Browser requirements include Safari (on your phone), Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

It will not cost you anything to use the video conference platform.

How long are virtual physio sessions?

Each physiotherapy session is 30 minutes in length. This will ensure adequate time to go through a thorough rehabilitation program.

Does ICBC fund online physiotherapy treatment?

Yes, ICBC funds 100% of the cost provided ICBC approves your treatment. We will direct bill ICBC on your behalf.

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