Personal training with qualified trainers in kinesiology, biomechanics and exercise science to help you create a safe, pain free exercise training program that gets you lasting results.

Why Choose Nova

Do you want to feel stronger, avoid injury and have more energy? We provide custom personal training programs designed just for you. Nova Active Rehab offers both in-person and virtual personal training over Zoom with a choice of female and male trainers.

5 Star Reviews

4 Locations and Online

20 + Years Experience

Hundreds of Satisfied Customers

What Makes Us Different

Nova Active Rehab offers a caring place with experienced exercise therapists educated in kinesiology, biomechanics and exercise science. Our multiple locations and online training offers the privacy and customization you need to learn the right way to exercise and build healthy habits for life.
  • Certified Trainers have education in kinesiology, biomechanics and exercise science
  • 4 Locations and online training to choose from
  • Personalized training customized safely to your needs
  • Over 20 years experience in rehabilitation and creating healthy exercise habits
  • Our customized Nova Safe Training Program that transforms your life
Our trainers are guiding you during your training, amending movements as necessary, and ensuring you exercise safely to make consistent progress. We continually check-in with you to overcome any challenges, set new goals, and provide expert guidance throughout your training. Don’t settle for trying to do it all on your own. Have Nova Rehab in your corner to safely achieve a more active life.

Kind, Friendly, and Very Professional

My kinesiologist at Nova was Tom Ward. He was very professional and you can tell he enjoys his job. With his continuing confidence in his field he always cared about my rehabilitation and was driven with getting an exercise and weight program that worked for me. I attended the Nova office in PoCo. The location was very clean, tidy and a place I felt safe. Tom was always taking notes and updating my exercises /stretching plan as we moved forward on my rehabilitation during my time with him.
I really want to let you know how wonderful working with Matthew was. I am stronger than when I first came to work with him, but more so, he taught me stretches and movements to continue my healing beyond active rehab. Most importantly, Matthew was very personable, took the time to listen to me to ensure I was getting the best out of my exercises, and was always so encouraging. I want you to know Matthew is an amazing therapist, and I miss seeing him every week!
Marie was fantastic! She really took the time to customize my care. I could tell there was a lot of thought put into the exercise routine she planned for me. I would highly recommend her as a skilled, encouraging and knowledgeable Kinesiologist. Thank you, Marie.

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